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Up yours!

CD/LP 2004
Iron Man Records IMB 6013
Red Giant Records RGR 006
Potencial Hardcore PHC 125

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  1. War
  2. Fuck The Government
  3. Band Heroes
  4. Decree Nici
  5. No Justice
  6. Luvin' Hand
  7. Real Life
  8. Mindless Violence
  9. On You
  10. Manipulate
  11. 2 Car Family
  12. Waiting
  13. Big City Warrior
  14. Set Yourself Free
  15. Changed A Bit
  16. Ear Damage
The Frie - Bass
Pid - Vox
Mad Max Evilsen - Drums
Man-o-low - Guitars, B Vox
Seano Porno - Guitars, B Vox
Rafa - Additional Guitars and Keyboards

Recorded at El Choque Ideal
Recorded and engineered by M'Her Filian
Mixed by M'Her, Pid, October '03
Mastered by Euan Hill for Cheech Miller Productions, January'04
All songs by Sensa Yuma, except No Justice by Dead Wretched.

Artwork by Ned, Cara & Pid